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Sensitive Sam…

  • is comforting to children
  • reassuring for parents
  • an inspiring resource for professionals

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"Sam's sensory adventure has a happy ending!"

Sensitive Sam is a real-life story of challenges and successes related to a special boy with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).  It is reassuring for parents, comforting to children, and an inspiring resource for professionals.

In this read-together children's book, Sam explores different types of sensory situations from home to school to the Occupational Therapist's office.  However, the book is actually a quick reference guide to Sensory Processing Disorder because it offers a glossary of terms and website resources mixed in with its rhythmic and expressive language and bright illustrations. 

Sam interprets his surroundings, explaining from a child's perspective what it's like to have SPD.  The book allows adults to better understand what their child may be experiencing with SPD.  It helps illuminate a very complicated and misunderstood topic, offering the opportunity  of opening communication visually as well as verbally among parents, grandparents, caregivers, professionals, and children.

The book offers a unique conclusion:  Given the personal tools to help manage many of his daily sensory challenges which will make him more comfortable in his sensory surroundings, a child who feels different isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Sensitive Sam won 2009 Book of the Year award by Creative Child Magazine.  It was cited as a "Healthy Read" by Parents Magazine, May 2010, and listed as a resource under Temple Grandin's article in Denver's 5280 Magazine

The book is endorsed by Dr. Lucy Jane Miller and Carol Kranowitz. 

The author/illustrator, “Marla Roth-Fisch is considerate in her depiction of the thought processes of a child with SPD, lending to renewed perspective for parents, caregivers, teachers and therapists as to what their children may also benefit in understanding what their peer is going through. This truly is a children’s book suitable for everyone, encouraging stimulating communication about Sensory issues."  (Mia at General Hysteria) 

A portion of the proceeds of Sensitive Sam benefit continued research and committed advocacy of Sensory Processing Disorder.