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MotherCub Show with Dr. Lucy Jane Miller and Susan Lynn Perry

BY:  Susan Lynn Perry - host of the MotherCub show on World Talk Radio live every Wednesday! 

Autism is such a complex disorder, often affecting several different systems within the child’s body.  When dealing with something that complex and often convoluted, one must look at solutions from many different angles, both internal and external.  In this episode of The Mother Cub Show, host Susan Lynn Perry will interview return guest and biomedical expert, Dr. Kurt Woeller, to discuss one of the newer therapies showing promise for our children with autism, especially in the areas of language and socialization. 

The second half of the show will focus on external stimuli and sensory processing disorders with our featured guest Dr. Lucy Jane Miller. Her award-winning book, Sensational Kids, is our autism book pick of the week, and is a wonderful introduction to how a child’s external environment can have a huge impact on their internal processing. 

Go to WorldTalk Radio on Wednesday, February 23rd, to tune in to this informative show:  The Mother Cub Show, All About Autism broadcasts live every Wednesday at 8am Pacific/ 10am Central/ 11am Eastern, and all episodes are available the following day for mP3 and iTunes download.